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Hey I'm Rebekah

I'm a  cruelty free Make-up Artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland where I offer lessons, bridal, and all things makeup.
I started my career in 1994 after training at The London College of Fashion studying Television, Film & Theatre. I worked in tv and film for over 10 years in London before moving back to Edinburgh in 2003. At this point I moved into editorial and photographic makeup working with many publications, agencies and photographers.

In 2014 I became a dairy free vegetarian (almost vegan but not quite) which led me to start thinking much more carefully about not just food but beauty products too. This led to me to making my kit totally cruelty free and where possible vegan. I took the whole of 2015 to find product that I could replace my old faithfuls with, ones that would perform just as well, if not better. So at the beginning of 2016 my kit was totally cruelty free and I was ready to go.

Now for 2017 I am adding clean and green beauty while keeping it totally cruelty free and vegan. I have had a good start as there are brands that I have used for years that fit this criteria like Neals Yard, Weleda. Sante and Lavera but high quality makeup brands escaped me. Until now. I am now starting a brand new journey and this is why I love my job, I don't stop learning.


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