Makeup Lessons

Makeup Bag S.O.S

Whether you want your makeup bag to work better for you, or you don't have a makeup bag at all and would like one, this lesson will take you through all you have (or don't have) and see what works for you and what doesn't. I will see what new products I can recommend for you and how they will work in your routine. (2hrs)

The Busy Mum

For All those busy Mums out there who just want to feel a bu more put together, whether it be for the school run, you're returning to work or you just want a bit of you back! This 5 minute makeup look will give you that confidence back without taking precious time. (2hrs)

The Every Woman

For the time poor of us. I will show you a beautifully easy 5 minute makeup and then how to take it effortlessly into a night time look. (2hrs)

The Decade Do-Over

It happens to us all, you look in the mirror and realise that you just don't look like you anymore. What you've always done isn't suiting you anymore. Your foundation isn't sitting right, the cat eye just looks plain wrong, but how do you fix it. Come and learn the tips and tricks of moving confidently into a new decade and keeping you looking like you. (2hrs)

The Cruelty Free/Green One

For those specifically looking to educate themselves on cruelty free and green beauty. This is more of a 'seminar' approach and there will be less hands on makeup techniques. We will look at products available on the market and which ones would be good for you to swap to now and which ones you can bring in later. I will show you how these products apply and answer any questions you may have. (2hrs)

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